Its best to order your Wedding Dress approximately 12months before your wedding. This comfortably leaves enough time for your gown to be created by hand, delivered and also time for alterations.

Our Made To Order Bridal Collection ranges from £795 to £1795, with the majority £1000 to £1495. We also have Sale Bridal Gowns which are ready to take home on the day and are all under £799. This is a fab option if you’re a Savvy shopper or on a short timescale!! Our Bridesmaids gowns range from £180 to £299, with the majority from £200 to £249.

We allow approximately 6 months for delivery, but remember you need time for lots of other things like Bridesmaids, choosing accessories, alterations etc etc

Don’t stress too much about this – most dresses have such good internal structure, that you won’t need much in the way of underwear, but nude coloured seamless underwear is best. If you are planning on wearing any shapewear or control underwear on your day, I would suggest wearing this whilst choosing your dress.

Yes, is the brief answer. As your dress is made to a particular dress size, almost every dress needs some alteration to perfect the fit. It is so important that “Your Perfect Gown is Perfectly Fitted” in the words of one of the fabulous seamstresses that we recommend, Donna from Sew Handy. Your seamstress can be booked as soon as you have a wedding date or definitely as soon as you’ve chosen your dress.

We can accommodate up to 3 guests to help you choose your dream gown. Our advice would be to bring only loved ones who truly know you well & who will help you choose YOUR dream gown.

Yes, whilst the Public Health advice is in place, in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. This will only be changed in line with the PHA guidance.

No, don’t worry about this too much at all. We find being completely open minded and placing yourselves in the hands of our Bridal Experts, is the easiest way to find your Dream Dress!! If you do have some ideas, screen shot these and bring these along to your appointment.

This is something we chat about all the time! Please please please do not stress about this. We have so many dresses that flatter every figure type and you will feel absolutely stunning in your perfect dress, irrespective of what dress size you are. If you are loosing weight, we can chat about this at the time of ordering and choose the perfect size to order your dream gown in.